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Policy Advocacy

Idaho Voices for Children serves as a voice for kids in policy conversations. We champion policies that give children and their families a strong foundation to thrive. Our professional staff use research, data and community partners to determine which policies best support children and their families. We then gather allies from across the state to drive change for kids.


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Policy Focus Areas

Health and Access to Care

We support fiscally responsible programs that enable kids to see a doctor to stay healthy or address health challenges. Voices works with state and federal policymakers to promote access to affordable, complete and quality health coverage for children and their families so kids can run, play and thrive.

Education and School Readiness

Children are our most valuable natural resource, and the investments we make in them, particularly in their earliest years, will benefit us all in the long term. Every family and individual should have access to an affordable, evidence-based, and high-quality prenatal and cradle-to-career system of care and education. Investing in a life-long educational continuum is the most effective way to ensure that Idahoans have the best opportunities to succeed in school and throughout life.

Child Safety and Well-Being

Voices invests in strong families to improve children’s emotional well-being and security. All Idaho children deserve to grow up in safe homes – free from abuse and neglect. Youth in foster care, like all children, are entitled to supportive families and the opportunity to grow into healthy young adults.

Family Economic Security

Families must be able to provide for their needs and make investments in their future. Voices advocates for pathways for parents to become financially stable to support their children’s healthy development and academic success.