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What People Are Saying

Idaho Voices for Children is an umbrella organization for all individuals and groups that are dedicated to improving the lives of children in Idaho. It is not a program delivery organization. We drive change by helping to build a strong voice for good public policy effecting children and their families.  By educating and uniting child advocates we are all able to speak with one voice to state policymakers and drive change.

Senator-Dean-Cameron squareSenator Dean Cameron – Voices is a great organization. They work very well with legislators. They are tremendous at getting children’s voices heard on issues of healthcare, issues of education, judicial issues and things that are really important for kids.




harrigfeld square

Sharon Harrigfeld Director of Idaho Juvenile Corrections Department – Idaho Voices for Children gives those who don’t have a voice, a voice in the legislature. Their ability to lobby and to really advocate for what’s right for kids strengthens our ability to meet the kids’ needs. Voices is the agency that advocates for kids. It’s the one place that we can rest assured that their voice is being heard.



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Skip Oppenheimer, Chairman and CEO Oppenheimer Companies, Inc. – Voices does a very good job of bringing people together around the key priority issues, educating both the policymakers as well as the general population and helping to create better alignment. Voices is a very effective vehicle for information, hopefully leading policymakers to make better decisions as it relates to education quality within the state.